Repairs in a rental property: which ones are the tenant's responsibility and which ones fall on the owner?

Reparations rental property

We present to you the definitive guide with all the answers to your questions.

"Having a property under rental often raises certain concerns, especially when an issue requiring repair arises. Who is responsible for major repairs?", "Who takes care of minor repairs?", "Who has the responsibility to replace damaged appliances?"

The team of rental management experts at CEIGRUP – FINQUES COMPANY has compiled the definitive guide with all the answers to these questions.


Repairs in a rented property


As established by the Urban Leases Law (LAU):


  • Minor maintenance repairs due to ordinary use of the dwelling are the responsibility of the tenant, and those repairs that go beyond normal wear and tear over time are the responsibility of the property owner.


Although the legislation does not define an exact amount to distinguish between major and minor repairs.


Which repairs are the tenant's responsibility?


The tenant is responsible for returning the property in the original condition in which it was delivered. They must ensure to perform these tasks before handing the keys back to the owner:


  • Covering holes in walls made for placing decorative objects.
  • Painting the entire dwelling.
  • Replacing light bulbs, changing defective faucets, or repairing electrical appliances damaged by excess load.
  • Fixing damages to doors, removing paint stains, or addressing faults in appliances caused by misuse.


Otherwise, the landlord is authorized to subtract from the deposit the necessary amount to cover the expenses of said repairs.


What repairs are the responsibility of the landlord?


The property owner is responsible for making the essential repairs to keep the dwelling in suitable conditions for habitation. This includes addressing structural damages or issues caused by the natural wear and tear over time, such as:


  • Replace the boiler.
  • Change the air conditioning systems.
  • Maintain plumbing installations.
  • Preserve the electrical system.
  • Address issues with floors, ceilings, and walls, including cracks or detachments.
  • Carry out any necessary work for the care and preservation of the property.


If these repairs are not carried out, the tenant must notify immediately the need to perform them, provide access to the property for assessment, and agree on a timeframe for their execution.


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