Administration of Homeowners’ Associations

It is usually not easy to achieve full consensus between all the members of a homeowners’ association in a residential building or complex to pass all the necessary agreements and carry out maintenance and conservation works.



If you entrust the administration of your Homeowners’ Association toCEIGRUP FINQUES COMPANY real estate agency, we will place at your service more than 50 years’ experience in the administration of Homeowners’ Associations, working with transparency, professionalism and rigour:

At present, through our four offices in Girona, Figueres, Llançà and Roses, we manage some 550 Homeowners’ Associations, representing over 15,000 homes, parking spaces, premises and so on.

Our team of Administrators of Homeowners’ Associations consists of highly-qualified professionals who specialise in everything affecting legislation, technical know-how and experience in matters of Homeowners’ Associations. The team also has the collaboration of two architectural technicians, specialised accountants and administrative assistants.

We have meeting rooms for Homeowners’ Associations in Girona, Figueres, Llançà and Roses, with capacities for up to 80 people, especially prepared for owners’ meetings.

We undertake to oversee and defend the interests of the Homeowners’ Association, and therefore our priority is transparent and efficient management, always seeking the best conditions, prices and agreements.

What are the advantages for the owner and the Homeowners’ Association?

  1. Saving and cost reduction.
  2. Revaluation of the property.
  3. Security, transparency and peace of mind.

Some of the services we offer as administrators of Homeowners’ Associations

  • Management of the Homeowners’ Association fees
  • Homeowners’ Association’s accounts
  • Announcements of Ordinary Meetings
  • Attendance at Ordinary Meetings
  • Drafting of the Minutes of the Meeting and transcription in the Minutes Book
  • Drafting of the Annual Budget
  • etc.

Request an explanatory dossier of the services we offer Homeowners’ Associations, or request with no obligation a study/quotation for your Homeowners’ Association.


We believe that the function of the secretary–administrator is not limited exclusively to accounting matters. We conduct pro-active and preventive management, mainly based on:         Periodical visits to the building in order to verify the correct functioning of all the services and installations.         Savings plan on costs and expenses and control of services.         24-hour/365-day service to attend to any incident or emergency.         Periodical communication and information to presidents and homeowners.         Legal and technical advice by our specialised team.

Savings and reduction of costs.                 

Revaluation of the property.                 

Security, transparency and peace of mind.

Request, with no obligation, a study/quotation for your homeowners’ association. We will study the proposals of management and improvement, adapted to the needs and requirements of your building, along with a quotation of our fees. At the moment of contracting us as administrators of your homeowners’ association, a professional commission agreement will be signed detailing our professional services and the commitments and obligations assumed by CEIGRUP FINQUES COMPANY towards the homeowners’ association.w much