From the Insurance Department we can offer you the best conditions and advice on any type of insurance, particularly in relation with the insurance of your home or the insurance of your building.



At the Finques Company real estate agency we are representative agents of three of Spain’s best-known insurance companies: CATALANA OCCIDENTE, MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS and MAPFRE.

We offer building insurancehome insurancebusiness insurancerent guarantee insurance and so on. At the same time, we manage any damage claim which may be necessary with the greatest speed and efficiency.


Advantages of having insurance with Finques Company

  • Personalized advice
    • Detailed proposal tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client
    • Recommendations for the types of insurance that best suit the requirements
    • Comparison of options with various insurance companyies
    • Expert team constantly trained to provide better advice to our clients
  • We manage your policies
    • Process for contracting Insurance
    • Streamlining of processes
    • Communication and follow-up on claims
    • Defense of the client's interests
    • Updates and renewals of policies
    • 24-hour support and assistance from insurance companies
  • Variety of insurance options
    • Home insurance for homeowners
    • Insurance to guarantee rental income
    • Insurance for tenants
    • Insurance for community associations
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Life insurance


Because we have in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the real estate market in the zones where we operate, and we follow it very carefully and in close detail, documenting it by means of the reports and internal statistical that we draw up every quarter on the supply, demand and operations carried out. All of this enables us to advise our clients on:

Valuation of the market price of the building. On the basis of our knowledge of the area, we draw up, with no obligation, a study of the best sale or rental price, justified with the market prices of that same zone or locality.

Market studies. When it comes to placing on sale a development of buildings or a group of homes, we draw up a detailed study of all the existing supply in the area, along with the profile of the possible buyer who may be interested in the development. We also set out a number of conclusions on prices and viability of the promotion.

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