Real Estate Valuations

At the Finques Company real estate agency, our long experience as real estate professionals has enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge of the real estate market of the region.

Real Estate Valuations

Real estate valuation has the purpose of establishing the value of the building in question in relation with the parameters of the market, taking into account the situation of the current supply and demand at the moment of conducting the valuation. This real estate valuation will be very important for determining the market price of the building, making it a fair price for both the buyer and the seller.

We are prepared to carry out any type of real estate market valuation, urban planning analysis or judicial appraisal. The goal of the Finques Company real estate agency is to offer solutions in urban planning management, providing you with the following services:

 Urban planning:

  • Urban planning
  • Territorial planning
  • Land classification
  • Urban planning agreements
  • Urban planning management


  • Environmental evaluation of plans and programmes
  • Construction
  • Prevention and control of activities


  • Urban planning licences
  • Unregulated buildings and uses, volume contravention
  • Duty of conservation
  • Enforcement actions and condemnations
  • Historical heritage
  • Local assets of cultural interest
  •  Real estate tax (IBI)
  • Taxation on constructions, installations and works
  • Tax regulations
  • Urban planning infringements
  • Public Administrations: Generalitat and Central State


  • Housing
  • Accessibility of buildings and elimination of architectural barriers
  • Construction


Because we have in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the real estate market in the zones where we operate, and we follow it very carefully and in close detail, documenting it by means of the reports and internal statistical that we draw up every quarter on the supply, demand and operations carried out. All of this enables us to advise our clients on:

Valuation of the market price of the building. On the basis of our knowledge of the area, we draw up, with no obligation, a study of the best sale or rental price, justified with the market prices of that same zone or locality.

Market studies. When it comes to placing on sale a development of buildings or a group of homes, we draw up a detailed study of all the existing supply in the area, along with the profile of the possible buyer who may be interested in the development. We also set out a number of conclusions on prices and viability of the promotion.