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From the Insurance Department of the Finques Company real estate agency we can offer you the best conditions and advice on any type of insurance, particularly in relation with the insurance of your home or the insurance of your building.

At the Finques Company real estate agency we are representative agents of two of Spain’s best-known insurance companies: CATALANA OCCIDENTE and MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS.

We offer building insurance, home insurance, business insurance, rent guarantee insurance and so on. At the same time, we manage any damage claim which may be necessary with the greatest speed and efficiency.


This is a very complete product at a modest cost, freeing you from assuming unnecessary risks and worries when letting a home. With the coverages this insurance policy offers you, you can recover any rent payments not made by your tenant and enjoy many more advantages:


  • We help you to make an appropriate choice of tenant.
  • You will be able to recover any rent payments not made by your tenant.
  • We ensure that you recover the availability of your home in the shortest possible time.
  • And in the event that the defaulting tenant commits any acts of vandalism or theft in the continent of the home before leaving it, we will compensate you for the damages.
  • We offer you a reconditioning service of the home with a customised quotation and preferential rates.
  • If you want to contract the insurance policy for a number of rentals, you will obtain improved conditions depending on the characteristics of the risk: for example, vertical property, owner’s full assets, etc.
  • We also offer you a 24-hour assistance service.